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Breast Lift

A breast lift is also known as a mastopexy. It is a procedure which raises the breasts by removing excess skin. I tighten the surrounding skin and reshape the tissue to give improved breast shape. Sometimes the areola can enlarge over time and a breast lift will address this as well. The result of a lift is a more youthful and uplifted breast.

Breasts change over time. Gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight change, and your genes all play a role in how your breasts age over time. A breast lift does improve shape but will not change the volume of the breasts.

How a Breast Lift is Performed

There are a few different ways to perform a breast lift and I will work with you to select the operation that is right for you. There are three common types of incision patterns. The first is an incision that only goes around the areola. This is well hidden as it is made just at the transition between the pigmented areola and the breast skin. We use this incision for smaller lifts.

Who is the Ideal Breast Lift Candidate?
The ideal candidate for a breast lift is someone who is physically healthy and has a stable weight. It is important that you are a non-smoker. The procedure is ideal for women who like their current breast volume but want a better shape.

What Procedures are Commonly Combined with a Breast Lift?
The most common associated procedure with a breast lift is liposuction. Liposuction is typically performed on the sides of the chest to reduce the “side boob” and improve the contour from the chest wall to the breast.

As well, we occasionally perform breast augmentation with an implant at the same time as the breast lift. We call this an augmentation mastopexy. The goal of the augmentation mastopexy is to improve or restore volume, especially in the upper part of the breast.

What Does a Breast Lift Cost?
The typical cost is about $8,000-$10,000. This includes the surgical fee, anesthesia, the facility fee.

Recovery From a Breast Lift

Typically, recovery takes about a month. Initially in the early postoperative period there is very little pain as I use local anesthetic when you are asleep. After, I give you pain medication to take on an as needed basis. People tend to take pain medication over the first week postoperatively. You will have a special support bra that helps everything to contour correctly. It is important to wear this bra for 6 weeks to help support your new and improved breast shape. I will teach you scar care and will help your scars to look the best possible.

Secondly we occasionally have to go around the areola and vertically down from the areola to the breast crease. This allows for more reshaping of the breast. Although the vertical scar tends to mature very nicely, you trade breast shape for incisions.

Finally, a more extensive lift requires that we make an incision around the nipple, down the breast and also within the breast crease. This is occasionally combined with a reduction of breast tissue.